As many of you know, Chris Leske and I have been performing together pretty constantly for nearly thirty years. Yes...I know...doesn't seem possible. From the beginning days with Summit, later touring with mandolinist Frank Wakefield, and later with banjo master Bill Keith. Then into the 90's with a CD from The Noble Jones Project, to The McKrells, and lastly Adrenaline Hayride. I recently had to make a career decision which will change that continuity. Surprised I have joined an established band called The Hickory Project. Too much to say about all of that here, but for an in depth view into the band's members and more, visit: ; I wish the best for my old friends Chris, Arlin and Dave. We will certainly pick again in the future when our paths will undoubtedly cross. They now have a website, and have gigs on the horizon with our old friend Ralph Lane filling my spot. Go check them out when you can. Best to you boys! See you down the road.... (more gigs coming soon) Sealed

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